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Reverie 5

I just updated this website theme from Reverie 4 to Reverie 5 and wanted to make a quick post reviewing this framework.

Edit: This blog no longer runs on wordpress but on jekyll.

But first let’s starts with a little presentation. Reverie is basically a WordPress Theme made with Foundation. Reverie 4 was made with Foundation 4, Reverie 5 is made with Foundation 5 :-). This makes it a very responsive theme that you can easily customize. Here is what it looks like as a starting point.

To start with Reverie 5, you need to install all foundation 5 tools : Ruby, NodeJs, Bower, Grunt and Compass. This installation process has become a little more complicated that it used to but it should still be pretty smooth.

I did run into an issue with Ruby when trying to install the foundation gem. The gem package manager wasn’t able to connect to the package repository. I solved it by executing this line in the command prompt : $ gem update --system --source

Then, you copy the theme into your WordPress install and you are ready to go ! You will now need to customize all the PhP templates, the scss and probably the JavaScript.

On another point, the upgrade from Reverie 4 to 5 was pretty easy, tags didn’t change and scss settings variables are still pretty much the same. I just had to update the WordPress function files, the resource registration and injection and copy/paste template files. The way that I did it was the following :

  • Download Reverie 5
  • Update the functions.php file and the content of the /lib Folder
  • Update the Scss
  • Update the template files

If you get a blank page when upgrading it is probably that you are calling a PhP function that is not declared yet. start by updating all resources in the lib Folder and the function files before updating the template.

GitHub Project of this theme